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The General assembly of the Afro Asian Insurance and Reinsurance Federation (FAIR), held in Cairo between 2 and 5 October, has provided the following recommendations:

1-  Adoption of the decisions taken by the Federation conference of Malaysia in 2009 and Indonesia in 2010.
2-  Adoption of the training plan of 2012.
3-  The conference recommended the importance of increasing cooperation between the member companies within the Federation in the areas of life insurance, and encouraging insurance companies in Asia and Africa to join the Federation in order to raise level of cooperation between companies in the two continents.
4-  Strengthening cooperation and exchanging experiences in the fields of agricultural insurance, and benefiting from the experiences of countries which have achieved development in this area.
Also, increasing cooperation in the areas of efficient risk management and benefiting from the training potential which the Insurance Institute in India provides in this field, in order to benefit member companies in the Federation. This will be positively reflected on the risk management techniques for the member companies.
5-  Encouraging insurance and reinsurance brokerage companies to join the Federation’s Brokers and Insurance Experts Association in order to increase cooperation amongst them.
6- Completing the necessary procedures to establish the natural catastrophe risks pool and encouraging the Federation’s member companies to join this pool.
7-  Expanding the range and scope of activities of the life insurance committee to include medical insurance activities which have become of great importance in many countries, and developing medical insurance systems by exchanging experiences with countries which are advanced in this field.
8- Starting the procedures for establishing a FAIR Actuarial Body to include actuarial experts in the Afro Asian Federation or FAIR member countries, in order to increase cooperation among them and benefit from actuarial experiences in the region.
9- Approval to hold the 23rd FAIR conference in China in 2013, at the invitation of China Reinsurance (Group) Corporation.