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Egyptian Insurance Federation
Establishment of a union for insurance since the beginning
of the fifties and included most of Egyptian insurance companies and foreign companies out of 106 at that time .
The year 1952 formed the Association of Unions of insurance companies in Egypt. Year 1953 was the establishment of the Egyptian Insurance Federation. Year 1956 was issued a ministerial decision to liquidate insurance companies English, French, Australian and removed from the European Union Tmasir
and insurance companies in Egypt, which has become (13) company.

Articles of Association

Exercise the powers of the European Union through the following organs:
General Assembly
Council of the European Union


- Marine Insurance Conference (Lecture I)
- Marine Insurance Conference (Lecture II)
- The first of the Euromoney Conference
on insurance in the Middle East, which will
be held in Cairo on 31/3/2009 Alfoarcison
Hotel (Nile Plaza)