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Insurance Federation of Egypt is a consortium of insurance companies, reinsurance and insurance associations licensed to operate in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Federation legal personality, a non-profit, based on 10 Iran St. Dokki district in the governorate of Giza.
It aims to raise the level of the insurance industry and insurance professions associated with them and the organization of competition and to foster scientific and cultural ties and social relations between companies and its member associations and the General Authority for financial control and other government agencies and NGOs on active insurance at home and abroad, as well as examine the technical basis of price and compensation.
Federation membership mandatory for all insurance companies, reinsurance and insurance associations under the Law of the supervision and control of insurance.
The resources of the Federation membership fees for EU membership and annual subscriptions, and return on investment of Federation funds in the event of insufficient resources, the former members are committed to cover the annual deficit.
The Federation shall exercise its powers through the following devices:
General Assembly

The highest authority of the Federation and meets once a year at least.

Federation Board of Directors
It consists of seven members from among the heads of the departments or their representatives or members are assigned to insurance companies and associations of members of the Federation to take into account the relative balance between the companies and associations of persons engaged in insurance operations and the composition of funds, and those engaged in property and casualty insurance
Executive Boards
There are two instances, first insurance companies and associations that engage in Personal insurance and processes of construction funds, and the second insurance companies and associations, which engaged in property and casualty insurance.
Technical Committees
Each executive council to form a number of technical committees to assist him in carrying out its duties, in the formation of these committees of five members at least seven more selected by the Executive Boards of the candidates by companies and insurance associations members in accordance with the rules and standards established by the Federation Board of Directors, the Board Executive Chairman Committee and his deputy from among themselves.
General Secretariat
The Federation has a general secretariat headed by Secretary-General with a full-time administrative efficiency and expertise of insurance, assisted by Assistant Secretary-General or more.


Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority
Misr Insurance Co.
Misr Life Insurance Co.
Suez Canal Insurance Co.
Mohandes Insurance Co.
Delta Insurance Co.
AIG Egypt Insurance Co.
MetLife Insurance Co.
Co-operative Insurance Society for small Enterprises
AXA Egypt Life Insurance Co.
Chupp Insurance Co. - Non Life
Royal Insurance Co.
Allianz Insurance Co. - Egypt
Allianz Insurance Co. - Egypt - Life
Egyptian Saudi Insurance House
Chupp Life Insurance Co.
QNBLife Insurance Co.
BUPA International Insurance Co.
Egyptian for Takaful Insurance Co. - Non Life
Egyptian for Takaful Insurance Co. - Life
Wethaq for Takaful Insurance Co. - Non Life
Iskan Insurance Co.
Arop Insurance Co. - Life
Arop Property & Liability Insurance Co.
Libano Susse Takaful Co.
Tokio Marine Egypt General Takaful Co.
Tokio Marine Egypt Family Takaful Co.
Arab Orient Takaful Insurance Co.
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